Polling Places Change in Sandy's Aftermath

For Election Day Tuesday, there are changes to voting locations.

Storm or no storm, Tuesday's general election must go forward—even with damage or power problems plaguing some of the traditional polling sites serving Parsippany's 39 voting districts.

So that the election can go forward, Municipal Clerk Yancy Wazirmas late Friday announced replacement polling places as follows:

  • Intervale School (Districts 3, 8 &18) moved to Municipal Building, 1001 Parsippany Blvd.  
  • St Christopher’s Church (District 7 & 37) moved to Littleton School, 51 Brooklawn Drive. 
  • St. Ann’s Church (District 20) moved to Board of Education Building 292 Parsippany Road. (Sandy-related repairs have been completed, according to school board member Sharif Shamsudin.)
  • Central Middle School (District 22 & 23) moved to Northvail School, 10 Eileen Court. 
  • Troy Hills School (District 24 & 27) moved to Rockaway Meadow School, 160 Edwards Road. 
  • Lake Hiawatha School (District 30, 31 & 38) moved to Knollwood School, 445 Knoll Road. 

All other polling locations will remain the same. 


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