Ex-Cop Says He's Eligible, a 'Lock' for Council Run

Disqualified for the temporary appointment to the vacant council seat, former BOE member Louis Valori isn't giving up.

Dr. Louis Valori announced Monday that . And he is confident that he will receive the Republican Municipal Committee's nod at its Aug. 27 meeting to run. Again.

"I have this; I am saying it up front," he told Patch. "The committee chose me [in June] to put the party in the right direction. I will win the committee vote. I have Jim Vigilante's full endorsement. , the mayor's original choice, said he'll support me 100 percent.

"I am a lock."

This contradicts what was said June 27.

On that day, Valori, a retired officer, fully expected to win the appointment to fill 's . Of the three names placed before the body by the GOP committee, Valori had received the most support.

But two hours before the council meeting, Valori received a call from Township Attorney John Inglesino saying that because he is on what is known as "terminal leave" from the PPD—he officially is using up accumulated time off—he is considered a township employee until Oct. 1.

Therefore, the lawyer opined, . The appointment instead went to the number two Republican committee vote-getter, .

An angry Valori made it known that he thought the incident was unfair, but he said that rather than launch a fight immediately, he decided to go forward with a planned family vacation to Italy.

Upon his return, he was ready to do battle.

"I realized that what Inglesino said was just his opinion," he said. "So I paid for my own attorney, who I don't want to reveal because of possible political reprisal against him, and had him research this for me."

That lawyer's determination?

"I am eligible," said Valori. "My attorney provided me with a legal memorandum—about 50 pages—on why I'm eligible to run."

He said he gave the news to Morris County Republican Chairman John Sette; Assemblyman Anthony Bucco, the county attorney; and Nicole C. Green, the chairwoman of the Parsippany GOP.

Valori said Green said that the determination of eligibility rested with the township, not with Morris County. For Parsippany's part, Valori said he was told by the committee chairwoman that Inglesino still was researching the matter, but that since the attorney was on vacation, that opinion would not be rendered until Aug. 13.

"Inglesino called me today and said, 'I heard you have a legal opinion,'" Valori said, adding that the town's lawyer asked for the name of the attorney and for a copy of the opinion.

On the advice of his attorney, accordig to Valori, he refused.

"Clearly, [the June disqualification] was about politics," Valori said he told Inglesino. "'You called me two hours before the meeting. I was embarrassed in front of my family and friends. There's no trust on my part for you guys.'"

He added that he would not reveal the information because of "attorney-client privilege."

"And as far as my eligibility, look at the case of [Assemblywoman] BettyLou DeCroce," said Valori. "She was a state employee when she was  and she stepped down before she was sworn in.

"I'm not doing anything illegal, but it seems as if the Township Attorney is trying to do a delay tactic," he said, adding that he was still waiting for Inglesino to render a second opinion.

The attorney told Patch that his opinion will come down sometime this week.

"I did my due diligence," Valori said. "I will provide the memo at the committee meeting when I run for that council seat."

Valori said he is confident he will prevail and that those who supported him before will do so again. And he charged that the only reason he is not in the council seat now is because Mayor James Barberio "circumvented the system [so as] not to pick me."

"They didn't want to see Jimmy Vigilante, me or Julie Carifi," he said, referring to the three names the GOP committee recommended to the council for the vacant seat. "They've made this political from the get-go."

Mayor Barberio did not respond to Patch's request for comment.

Milin Shah at the time was widely believed to be the mayor's choice.

"Milin and I are on good terms," Valori said. "He's assured me that he will not run."

For his part, Shah told Patch that he will support Valori 100 percent—if he earns the committee's nomination.

"I don't want anyone to get ahead of himself, but yes, I gave Louie my word that I will not run," he said. "If he is the nominee, and he is confident that he will be, I will support him 110 percent. But I have no idea what's going to happen. There are a lot of personalities [involved]."

Shah, a Republican who once was a Democrat, added that he supports the right of anyone to run for office if they have the best interests of the town as a priority.

"[Jonathan] Nelson is a great person, so I am glad to see him run," he said. "As long as you love Parsippany and work to make it better, I have no problem."

For 's part, he told Patch that he welcomes Valori—or anyone else—into the race.

"Whoever the Republican candidate for council is, the fact remains that the three-year experiment of having a one-party form of government has failed miserably," he said. "Parsippany needs new leadership and a new voice."

Valori said his priority is the township and all of its residents. He pledged that his council salary would be spent on helping seniors, veterans who own small businesses and the .

"I'm not doing this for personal gain," he said, clearly anxious to get his effort underway. "We are almost two months behind the eight-ball for a general election. We have an individual [Nelson] who has run before, who's highly educated and has big name recognition.

"I'm very seriously conservative—the conservative's conservative—and will be more conservative and fiscally responsible than John Cesaro was."

Freeholder Cesaro, when reached for comment, shrugged Valori's statement off as "campaign rhetoric."

"In the 6 1/2 years I had the opportunity to serve under Democrat and Republican mayors, I was very staunch about asking the hard questions and cutting spending, regardless of what department we were looking at," he said. "I challenge any person who takes my seat to continue asking the tough questions at budget time."

Valori said he intends to focus on hard questions, including how to bring businesses back into Parsippany and how to make township departments do more with less.

"We have to take the string of taxes from around the necks of the citizens in our community," he said.

Of course, he first must get the official go-ahead to run.

Even Councilman Vigilante, isn't sure what will happen.

Told that Valori is counting on his support, his best friend said, "We're friends. I support him, and he supports me, no matter what."

But he adds that he does not know if his friend is eligible to run.

"As the sitting councilman, I would expect the committee to support me," he said. "I will be putting my name before the committee on Aug. 27. We'll see what happens."

"I am not trying to cause problems for the party," Valori insisted. "But the reality is that I have support for the Aug. 27 [committee] vote. I am fully eligible for this, no ifs ands or buts."

And regarding those who say he is not eligible to run for Town Council?

"They're just giving ammunition to the Democrats."

clyde donovan August 14, 2012 at 12:40 AM
It seems to me that Vigilante's support could be the kiss of death, as noted below. Back on January 3, 2011, to a Fred Snowflack wrote a blog about council candidates on the Daily Record website and "Red Hat" responded by saying, "Well.......maybe you forget that Vigilante was alleged to have given genital herpes to a wowan from Lake Hiawatha. It was alleged to have been settled ($$$) without going to court. "Vigilante was boorish and obnoxious to the taxpayers who attended and spoke at council meetings. He wore his Air Force uniform to council meeting like it was a Halloween costume. If you recall Viligante rubber stamped almost everything the Democratic mayors wanted. People I’ve talked to say Vigilante’s not wanted as an elected official in Parsippany ever again." http://blogs.dailyrecord.com/morrispolitics/2011/01/03/uproar-in-parsippany/ Are you sure you want to vote for one of Viligante's hand-picked candidates?
patchitup1 August 14, 2012 at 01:25 AM
Here we go again! Smoke & mirrors to get a seat that the PUBLIC has no vote on! Lou I hate to burst you ego but neither you Or Jim will win the general election! Jim can't win with republicans so he got in on default. You don't have the strength you think you do or YOU would have been freeholder years ago! Remember republicans for Luther and how hard you worked against Rosemary? You Never were or will be a true Republican in Parsippany! I hope someone steps up to beat you now before you continue to pull apart the party. It's a good day for the Dems with you on a ticket.
Anthony Miller August 14, 2012 at 02:45 AM
I cannot believe what I read. In the near distant future this article will be used freshman political science classes on what not to do when declaring you are a political candidate. There is a faux pas in almost paragraph beginning with the second. In paragraph 2, Lou says " I will win the committee vote. I have Jim Vigilante's full endorsement." Later in the article, Jim states that he supports Lou, but he supports himself more as he is a sitting council member and wants to keep his job. Paragraph 3: Lou states 'I am a lock.' Confidence is good. Arrogance is bad. Paragraph 8: So an angry Lou decided it was best to vacation in Italy and wait a month before crying foul. What Lou fails to understand is that even though he was the top vote getter in committee, the council never had to appoint him in the first place. to be continued...
PeoplesChamp August 14, 2012 at 02:46 AM
"I am a lock." sounds like a real winner. where'd he get his doctorate from, the university of phoenix?
Anthony Miller August 14, 2012 at 02:59 AM
Paragraph 10: 'I realized that what Inglesino said was just his opinion,' said Lou. Yes Lou, but his legal opinion is the opinion that matters. Besides, we know his name. Your attorney is anonymous because you "don't want political reprisal against him." Lou, the truth is the truth. No lawyer in this country would be afraid to sign a legal memorandum if it is true. Paragraph 11: An unsigned 50 page legal memorandum? Need I say more? paragraph 14: Lou, if you are eligible to run, is nominated, and is elected (three big if's) maybe you should donate your salary to cover Mr. Inglesino's legal bill for researching the matter on your behalf ( again, we can't take the word of a nameless lawyer). That large council salary which you are willing to forgo may cover a few days of Inglesino's salary. to be continued...
Anthony Miller August 14, 2012 at 03:11 AM
Paragraph 15: On the advice of his nameless attorney, Valori refused to give the township attorney the name of his own attorney. This doesn't make any sense. AT ALL. Paragraph 16: Lou blames the township attorney. You may love John Inglesino or hate John Inglesino but John Inglesino gave a legal opinion and cited specific case law on why Lou was not eligible to run. You can argue with the timing, but not the truth. Paragraph 17: "Attorney-client privilege." Wait. So the contents of what your attorney wrote and said are being released, but not his name? An attorney's name is not protected un attorney-client privilege. Geez. Paragraph 18: The moment Betty-Lou was appointed to the assembly, she gave up her state job. If you gave up your terminal leave pay in June, you would have been eligible. You are comparing apples to to meatballs instead of apples to apples. Paragraph 19: You state that "I'm not doing anything illegal." I don't think anyone ever suggested that you were doing something illegal so why are you being so defensive? Did you do something illegal? to be continued...
Anthony Miller August 14, 2012 at 03:21 AM
Paragraph 24: They? Who are they? Who on earth made your ineligibility political? paragraph 25 and on: Jim Vigilante, current councilman says it best, "As the sitting councilman, I would expect the committee to support me." Lou, that doesn't exactly sound like Jim's full endorsement of you for the seat he currently occupies. Good Luck. Your campaign is off to a rocky start. Anthony Miller
conservativeGOPMax August 14, 2012 at 10:51 AM
Louie "The Lock" Valori. Who do this guy think he is, a Mafiosa? When you look up the word "arrogant" in the dictionary, Louis "The Lock" Valori's photo is there. Louis "The Lock" commits the cardinal sin of politics -- he takes the electorate for granted. Could Louie "The Lock" stick a bigger finger in the eye of Republican county committee voters? I'm thinking of moving to Parsippany just to have a chance to vote against Louie "The Lock".
Carol M. August 14, 2012 at 11:56 AM
I may be going out on a limb here but I suspect that transparency and humility will not be character traits Dr. Valori touts about in his campaign literature.
Par70 August 14, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Has this guy ever heard of good PR. He comes off poorly based on his quotes. Seriously - an anonymous lawyer covered under client-attorney privilege? I have always had mis-givings for those who are NOT medical practioners using the term "Dr" before their name. However, if it is an educational Phd - then at minimum they should sound more intelligent. So far you have NOT "locked" my vote.
Steven Colpar August 14, 2012 at 02:41 PM
I agree on the Dr. comment. I once revealed a raging case of toe fungus to my neighbor in the interest of getting some friendly advice – only to find out he was a Doctor of English Literature. I think it should be called Somewhat-orate degree. Sw. for short. I don’t think Sw. Valori really meets my conservative litmus test. Now if he was a conservative’s conservative’s conservative – then we might be closer to what’s right and GOP-ish enough for our town.
patchitup1 August 14, 2012 at 05:31 PM
Doctor Louie The Lock That is! Lol great stuff....
John August 14, 2012 at 06:04 PM
Procedural matters notwithstanding, is anyone else concerned about electing a public official who just "retired" at age 47 from a public service position and is working through his $157,000 accrued sick/vacation time before beginning to collecting on his lifetime pension and health benefits? If Dr. Valori enjoys good health, his package will cost Parsippany in excess of $2.5M and earn him far more after his service than he did while working. Mind you, I do not at all fault Dr. Valori for his decision. We all manage to our compensation plan and I would certainly make a mid career shift if offered a multi million dollar incentive to do so but that's not how it works in the private sector. My concern is whether Councilman Valori would continue lavishing public sector employees with the taxpayer funded largesse that he enjoys or support bringing public sector compensation into line with that of his constituents.
Bill Holder August 14, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Didn't "fiscally responsible" Valori vote to increase Seitz salary while on BOE? Didn't the "conservative of all conservative's conservative" Valori support Michael Luther? Didn't Valori step down from BOE because of "not having time" just one year ago? Didn't Valori play politics in pushing Shah out of being one of the 3 nominated? Isn't Valori closely tied with corrupt developer, Mosberg? I wonder if Valori made money buying/selling properties from Mosberg in Powdermill? I wonder if Valori's motives are fueld by Mosberg who has litigation with the Parsippany. Sounds like the attorney general needs to come clean up the corruption in Parsippany.
clyde donovan August 14, 2012 at 06:41 PM
You're right on the mark with your comments, John.
patchitup1 August 14, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Yes,Yes, &YES!!! He would have put up ANYONE to stop Shah including Julie Carifi, wife of Police captain James Carifi, sister-in-law to Councilman Paul Carifi. But there's no conflict there right? Now he's crying to the patch that the big bad boogie man won't let him run a fair race in Parsippany. Don't worry "Louie The Lock" I'm sure your good old pal Sgt. Jim has your back.......not! It's greed Bill that motivates here not public safety or public service.
Carol M. August 15, 2012 at 08:36 PM
I've always liked Dr Valori and am sorry that I didn't see the loop or a clearer picture before now, The Paul Carifi, James Carifi, Julie Carifi thing is a serious problem from my point of view and if Dr Valori has an affiliation with any of those efforts then he has indeed disappointed me and lost my support in it's entirety. I surely hope that the Republican Committee stays as far away from this chaos and ugliness as possible; I've always had a lot of respect and admiration for our GOP committee leaders here in Parsippany but if they support the position that someone has his nomination locked up before there is even a legal opinion rendered as to whether a candidate is even eligible then I fear my admiration has been misdirected in the least. At this point, now that I've heard Dr. Valori's opinion about himself and his seemingly cavalier attitude for the democratic process, I'd like to see any other Republican nominee for the TC seat rather then Dr Valori.


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