$145 Tax Hike for Average Parsippany Resident Proposed in School Budget

More than $3 million in capital improvement projects outlined in spending plan.

A Parsippany resident with an average home assessed at $308,000 will see his or her tax bill climb $145 next year if the school district’s proposed budget goes forward.

The total budget – presented to the public recently by interim Superintendent John Fitzsimmons – comes in at $141,220,550, which includes an overall increase of 1.17-percent to the general fund.

The single biggest line item in the budget comes in the form of salaries for the district, with payments in the amount of $82,025,565 going to faculty and staff. That’s an increase of 2.3-percent over last year’s approved budget.

Eight separate items make up the district’s capital improvement plan, all with large, one-time costs, including:

  • Knollwood Roof: $850,000
  • Rockaway Meadow Roof: $800,000
  • Parsippany High School Track Replacement: $400,000
  • Littelton Partial Windows: $325,000
  • Parsippany High School and Central Middle School Emergency Generators: $500,000
  • Parsippany High School Auditorium Renovations: $50,000
  • Elementary Air Conditioning Units: $50,000
  • District Paving and Concrete: $100,000

The tax rate comes to .0174, or $1.74 for every $100 of assessed home value. The average home had an annual payment of $5,221.17 in the 2013-14 school year, which will bump to $5,366.75, an increase of $145.58.

The budget was put together, in part, by Fitzsimmons, who won’t be around to see the changes made or the money allocated. Parsippany hired its newest schools chief recently, Scott Rixford, to a five-year contract that starts on July 1.

Jason Koestenblatt April 17, 2014 at 08:33 AM
Thanks for the comments, everyone. Lani - Yes, $145 is a hike, as in "increase." It is above the current year's budget, which means it is going upward. Increase, hike, rise, climb - much of the same, no? Kevin - Certainly appreciate your opinion, but would love to know what's inaccurate or slanted in this article? These factual numbers come directly from the school district. Are you insinuating the BOE is lying?
Kevin Brancato April 17, 2014 at 09:57 AM
It's not that the numbers are not factual. It's the way the article is written. You make it sound like OMG another tax increase, and has been proven in the comments here, your article makes it sound like the 2.3% salary increases that are mandated by contract are the total increase to the budget. You make it very difficult for the average reader to pick out the true facts. I believe that slants the readers perception of the facts. That is what I meant and I believe it to be intentional on your part. You and I have communicated privately about what I feel is your lack of coverage in Parsippany. When is the last or first time you have been to a Town Council or BOE meeting. That is the news most people look for on the Patch. Unfortunately you choose to continue to grab and post puff pieces and and news from other newspapers. I know you told me that you have many other towns that you report for and you are very busy but when you call yourself the editor of the Parsippany Patch I really believe you should report more on Parsippany news.When you don't report that news in a timely fashion, it diminishes the Patch as an asset to the residents of Parsippany as a news source. This is why I suggest a conversation with Natalie. She understood this and what the readers of Patch were looking for. Sorry if I'm blunt and I know this is your job, but your readers have to read your blog in order for you to keep it and I for one barely do anymore.
Jerry April 17, 2014 at 10:14 AM
homeowners that do not have children should be exempt from paying school taxes !!!
Sick of the Bull April 17, 2014 at 10:40 AM
The residents of Parsippany need to vote on this budget. Any increase is too much. The taxes in this town are ridiculous.
Eric Hauge April 17, 2014 at 07:41 PM
Why do we have a temp, who proved his lack of ability with his mid session scheduling change, setting budget priorities?


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