Academic Decathlon Team Needs Your Help in National Title Quest

Team needs $6K to cover costs for three-day event in Hawaii, will be representing New Jersey in countrywide tournament.

Members of the Parsippany High School Academic Decathlon team. Photo Credit: GoFundMe.com
Members of the Parsippany High School Academic Decathlon team. Photo Credit: GoFundMe.com

It’s good to be a state champion. It’s even better to be a national champion.

Dedication, determination, and in this case a whole bunch of knowledge can take a group to the promised land.

That’s where the Parsippany High School Academic Decathlon team is headed, but it needs the community’s help. The promised land just so happens to be in Hawaii.

On March 1, the team was crowned New Jersey champions in the event that tests teams’ knowledge in categories including Art, Economics, Music, Science, History, Literature, Mathematics, Interview, Essay and Speech in the subject of World War I.

With the win, the team has now qualified for the national competition to take place in Hawaii from April 24 to 26.

The board of education has funded half the cost of the trip for the team of nine members, along with advisor and teacher Nancy Lennon. But it’s up to the team to fund the remaining half, and it’s taken to the popular fundraising site GoFundMe for some additional aid.

The team has set a fundraising goal of $6,000, and as of Monday afternoon reached $965 over the first 11 days of raising money.

Created by team member Amar Kakirde, the GoFundMe page says, in part, “Finally, we've made it: we're representing New Jersey and Parsippany High School at the Honolulu National Competition from April 24 - 26. However, we can't actually get there without YOUR help. Help us make Parsippany High School and New Jersey proud!”

Kakirde said fundraising will last just three more weeks. Donations can come in any amount, but three levels are noted on the fundraising page.

For $10, a donor is coming in at the supporter level, and will receive a thank you note from each team member. For $50, a donor comes in at the LEI level, and will receive a Hawaiian thank you postcard. And for $125, a donor comes in at the awesome level, and will receive a team t-shirt and personalized thank you letter.

Find out more about the team and how you can help it reach the fundraising goal set to send it off to Hawaii for the Academic Decathlon National Championship.

Selene March 24, 2014 at 11:47 PM
What the hell are we doing wrong? None of these kids are white, working class ......time to reexamine folks....
Bob Saget March 25, 2014 at 02:28 PM
The guy in the pink shirt looks pretty white to me Selene...
William Troc March 25, 2014 at 10:51 PM
"Selene" you truly are pathetic to make that comment about such a positive article.
Richard March 26, 2014 at 09:40 PM
Caucasian parents have lost their determination to teach their children about hard work, drive and the desire to excel. Recent immigrants have learned that upward mobility in society is the result of a good work ethic, and therefore, instill that in their children. I hope, Selene, that your “what the hell are we doing” comment is meant as a wake up call to Caucasian parents and not that these hard working students should be denied the opportunity they have earned.


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