BOE Candidate Carol Trapp: Retired Teacher With a Focus on Curriculum

Trap stresses maintaining the quality of education during tough financial times. Against state-mandated salary limitations for educators.

Name: Carol Trapp

Neighborhood: Bridgeton Drive

Occupation:  Retired high school English teacher

Civic Involvement: Parsippany Democratic Committee, five years,  American Association of University Women, 3 years.

Student Needs:  Access to dedicated, knowledgeable teachers with superior leadership to motivate every student to reach his/her highest potential.

What the Board of Education Needs Most: A realistic attitude toward the cost of providing quality, comprehensive services to the children of the residents of Parsippany.  

District Strengths: The fact that the schools are functioning at a superior level at this time: state tests produce high results, SAT scores are far above state averages, attendance and graduation rates also exceed state averages; besides these continued successes, savings made through energy conservation has freed up capital to pay for areas threatened with elimination.   

What Needs Improvement: Firmness in negotiations in future contracts to counteract the pressures being applied by the county average settlements and the new state aid formula.

Dr. Leroy Seitz’ Contract: Challenging the customary home rule practiced in NJ, the Governor attempted to cap all districts whose superintendent's five- year contracts were ending this year, and to reduce them by up to 35,000 dollars. This tactic was challenged by our Board, as well as many NJ districts, in an effort to retain its successful, experienced superintendent, Dr. Seitz. I feel this is a process that should not be easily ceded to the state, given our present outstanding candidate and today’s difficult hiring climate.

My Candidacy: I have developed many skills and an understanding of the education system through my career as a teacher, a curriculum director’s assistant, and a grant writer and budget facilitator for two grants, Tech Prep and No Child Left Behind, This experience, supported by my integrity and a willingness to work hard, will, I think, make me a good candidate for the Parsippany Board of Education. 








Parsippany Parent April 08, 2011 at 06:21 PM
Sounds like you are perfectly OK with the way Seitz's contract was handled by the board? Just want to make sure I don't misunderstand what you are saying.
Michael Brancato April 08, 2011 at 09:41 PM
I'm a bit unclear as well: is she saying she would have handled the Seitz contract the same way as the current board, e.g. letting it become a lawsuit at the taxpayer's expense?
Hank Heller April 17, 2011 at 12:30 PM
Yes, that is what she said since I was at both Candidates Nights and she was clear on her support for Dr. Seitz contract, Mancuso's handling of the contract, the law suit and the Board behavior toward the citizens who come to offer their comments. From all that I heard, she supports everything that this BOE has ever done, especially the level of administration we currently have in Parsippany. She is a little "iffy" on the need for all our teachers and lower level support people, I think. Can we really afford a Mancuso of different gender? I hope not. Hank Heller
Monica Sclafani April 18, 2011 at 06:12 PM
I was also at both Candidates' Nights. Yes - she does support Dr. Seitz's contract and the way the legalities of the contract were handled. However, she never said she supported "the Board(s) behavior toward the citizens who come to offer their comments." If that's YOUR take on her position, so be it; but please state that that is your opinion. I happen to believe that she deserves consideration for a BOE position. She has experience as an assistant director of curriculum, she is very familiar with "No Child Left Behind", supports increased technology in the district (moving away from textbooks) and has experience as a GRANT writer. It wasn't that long ago that we were looking to share the cost of a GRANT writer with the township. Someone with her experience and who can possibly BRING MONEY INTO THE DISTRICT IN THE FORM OF GRANTS should seriously be considered for a BOE position.
Hank Heller April 18, 2011 at 08:11 PM
Mrs. Sclafani If you think Mrs. Trapp would be a credit to the BOE then you should vote for her. Speaking only for myself, I would NOT vote for Mrs. Trapp because she strongly and clearly supports Mancuso's actions, behavior and policies. I am sorry you do not remember her comment regarding the fact that citizens should be supporting the Superintendent and the Board President because they have done a wonderful job for the people of Parsippany. Those might not have been her exact words, but the concept was very close. I thought that "No Child Left Behind" was something that the Obama administration was getting rid of. Why is her familiarity with a "failed" concept important? And do you mean to tell me that Mrs. Trapp would actually write grants for the BOE? Please, spare me that nonsense. I do not accept nor believe that. And, if you think this skill is so important, help us to measure it by letting us know how many grants of how much money for which uses was she able to successfully apply? I never heard her tell us of her success at writing grants, nor do I remember hearing her say she would write grants for Parsippany at no additional pay. I am against Trapp's candidacy because she thinks (as do you, obviously,) that the current BOE leadership has done a great job and I think the job they have done is rotten. We will see how it comes out after 4/27.
Monica Sclafani April 18, 2011 at 10:23 PM
Mr. Heller ~ Why don't you try reading the entire article you're commenting on! As Mrs. Trapp states in the article above: "My Candidacy: I have developed many skills and an understanding of the education system through my career as a teacher, a curriculum director’s assistant, and a grant writer and budget facilitator for two grants, Tech Prep and No Child Left Behind, This experience, supported by my integrity and a willingness to work hard, will, I think, make me a good candidate for the Parsippany Board of Education." And if you want to know about educational grants, just google "education grants" and see how many hits you get. I believe your single- mindedness and obsession about the BOE, Mr. Mancuso and Dr. Seitz's contract has overshadowed your ability to see something or someone that might be an asset to the district. But let me ask you this - I'm sure you will be voting for Mr. Strumolo's candidates. What kind of independent thinkers will they be? Or is okay to vote for them as long as they follow Mr. Strumolo's "independent" beliefs?
steve revette April 19, 2011 at 03:51 AM
Mrs. Sclafani a majority of taxpayers are behind Mr. Strumolo and Mr. Crawford. People do not support this board. People are finally starting to see how terrible this school district really is.
Hank Heller April 19, 2011 at 04:09 AM
Mrs. Sclafani I do not know about "Mr. Strumolo's candidates". Who are they? I do know that I do not want a Carol Trapp sitting on our BOE because I know, from her own comments, that she is Mancuso's candidate, and we cannot afford another one of those. My obsession is not with Dr. Seitz contract but with the way it was handled or I should say, mishandled by Mancuso. The people of Parsippany have been lied to, abused, disrespected and misled by Mancuso and the rest of his gang. I expect Susy Golderer, Gary Martin, Sharif Shamsudin and Alison Cogan to be very independent thinkers. If they are not, I hope they will not get a second term. Regarding Trapp and Choffo, we already know what to expect from them because they have told us what they think and how they think. Voting for either of them is just more of the "same old, same old". I suspect that we will never agree on this BOE, butr I respect your right to be wrong. After 4/27 we will know if the people of Parsippany agree with you. Hank Heller


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