Susy Golderer: Board Needs Better Communication

Northvail School PTA President wants to ensure that students are 'valued,' 'respected.'

Name: Susy Golderer
Neighborhood: Vail Road, Parsippany
Occupation: Over 24 years of business experience: Customer Service and Human Resource

Civic Involvement: Northvail PTA 2nd Vice President and chair of various committees within the PTA; County Committee District 21 representative;  Member of Society for Human Resource Management; Member of National Notary Association

What Parsippany Students Need Most: To be treated with respect and valued enough to put them first above all.

What the BOE Needs Most:  Communication and Respect for the position they were entrusted with. I believe that the function of the board is not to run the schools, but to see that they are run effectively

District Strengths: A lot of great teachers who truly care about the children. Families that are involved and concerned with their children's education. Residents have pride in their town.

What Needs Improvement: Fiscal responsibility and public trustworthiness.

Leroy Seitz Contract: I am not in agreement with this contract. Taxpayer money has been unnecessarily spent on matters other than our children’s education. Whatever happens to Dr. Seitz and his contract, I see this as a very expensive lesson in how not to use taxpayer money and make sure that we act with more fiscal discipline and use our resources wisely.  

Matt Clarkin March 24, 2011 at 04:56 PM
Parsippany Parent, Martin is the only one out of the five who didn't give an opinion on it. Shamsudin, Cogan, and Golderer clearly oppose it, while Choffo clearly supports it. Even if they did not give the exact wording of, "I oppose this contract," it's quite clear from Shamsudin and Cogan's answers to the question that they are in opposition to it.
Ellen March 24, 2011 at 08:11 PM
The only thing clear to me from Shamsudin comment is he is out of touch. I am not finding the current link of salaries but here is 2008-09 http://php.dailyrecord.com/mcts0708/mctresults.php?county=MORRIS&district=%25&school=&last=&jobcode1=Superintendent&Submit=Submit I think it is safe to say salaries have gone up. Parsippany is the largest district in Morris County and not top of the scale so how is the comment he made even relevant
Monica Sclafani March 24, 2011 at 08:55 PM
I invite all of you to attend Candidates' Night, sponsored by the Par-Troy Council of PTA's, to be held on Wednesday, March 30th at Central Middle School in the Cafeteria. The forum starts at 7pm. Though all are welcome to attend, only Parsippany residents will be allowed to question the candidates running for the 3 positions on the Board of Education. On another note - I hope this prints so that you can read it - I don't know how to adjust the font size for any responses. :)
Matt Clarkin March 24, 2011 at 08:59 PM
Oh, I agree that he seems pretty out of touch, I was just saying that his position on the contract wasn't up in the air like Martin's was. I don't think they've published 2010-11 yet, but here is 2009-10: http://php.app.com/edstaff/results2.php?county=MORRIS&district=%25&school=%25&lname=&fname=&job1=Chief+School++Administrator%2FDistrict+Superintendent&tfm_order=DESC&tfm_orderby=SALARY
gary martin March 24, 2011 at 11:59 PM
I am Gary Martn I am not in any agreement with Doctor Seitz's contract. But, it is all out of the hands of the board and public, for now. This is one reason, why I am running. My main reason for running, I will state on March 30, 2011. at PTA


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