Fields Plan: What Are the Projected Costs?

The superintendent says every possible part of athletic upgrades at the high schools is up for negotiation.

with whether are needed at Parsippany and Parsippany Hills high schools—and if so, what taxpayers can afford.

Right now, if the projections of all items the Parsippany is investigating are included, the cost would run in the neighborhood of $11.5 million.

That figure is considerably more than the $4.5 million projected for the defunct Fields of Dreams plan backed by Mayor James Barberio and youth sports groups earlier this year.

However, the superintendent told residents at a special BOE meeting last Wednesday that were all the items to be okayed, the plan was to create multipurpose athletic facilities that would serve the district and township for 25 years. If approved, construction would start in or after the new school year.

Seitz said, however, that the items presented are possibilities, and nothing is set in stone. He reminded residents that citizen input is vital to the process of deciding what items will be part of the plan the district wants to put before voters on a January 2013 referendum. 

So, what items are on the table for residents' consideration?

The following lists, covering both high schools, was prepared for the school board by Parette Somjen Architects.

ATHLETIC FIELD UPGRADE ITEMS ESTIMATED COST 6-Lane Track converted to 8 Lanes $1,338,260 Convert grass field to synthetic turf $1,584,149 ADA compliant parking stalls, wheelchair ramp $   132,781 ADA compliant home grandstands, press box upgrade $   645,462 ADA compliant visitor grandstands and ramps $   276,627 Concession upgrade, sanitary sewer construction $     73,767 Public restrooms, sanitary sewer extension * $   381,130 New fencing $   170,894 Modernized sports lighting $   479,486 Water cannon system $   416,784 Wireless sound system (press box) included above Locker room addition to concession stand/restrooms included above Emergency lighting included above TOTAL of preliminary PHHS cost estimates $5,499,340

ATHLETIC FIELD UPGRADE ITEMS ESTIMATED COST 6-Lane Track Converted to 8 Lanes $1,254,174 Convert grass field to synthetic turf $1,493,298 Replace visitor grandstands, make ADA compliant $   272,389 ADA compliant parking stalls, wheelchair ramp $   312,945 ADA compliant home grandstand, press box $   635,575 Concession upgrade, sanitary sewer construction
$    72,637 Public restrooms, sanitary sewer extension * $   375,292 Storm water management system (for drainage) included above New fencing $   168,276 Sports lighting upgrade $   496,354 Wetlands investigation included above Water cannon system $   429,770 Wireless sound system (press box) included above Locker rooms included above Emergency lighting included above TOTAL of preliminary PHS cost estimates $5,507,710

* Connection fees for sewer and water may apply and are not included in these projections

What do you think? Which items are must-haves? Which can the town do without? Let us know in comments.

Pete August 09, 2012 at 06:04 PM
Small-town politics at its smelliest. Keep the public in the dark, keep them wrangling among themselves, and you can do just about anything you like. But where is the money GOING, let alone coming from ? Who stands to profit from this plan ? And how is he/she "hooked-in" to the local system ? Inquiring minds, and all that...
Maurice Saunders August 09, 2012 at 06:37 PM
Paul Brown, If you can "get estimates to do this at a hell of alot less", do save us all and just do it. Can you have prior to the BOE August 23rd meeting?
Bob Crawford August 09, 2012 at 10:28 PM
On February 27, 2012, Mayor Barberio held a closed door meeting with selected members of the public to listen to their concerns and to provide them with cost data about the FOD proposal. At that meeting he provided the projected FOD costs that his Administration had identified which are listed below. Apparently there was some confusion regarding the projected costs of replacing the tracks and two different sets of numbers were provided for which the Mayor was reportedly unable to provide an explanation. I would call upon Mayor Barberio to join this online conversation and correct/update this data if any of it is wrong. Much of the conversation over the last couple of days has been about needing information that would help people understand why the FOD proposal and the BOE proposal are so different. Hopefully this information will allow us to begin to understand the cost differentials for work that is the same in both proposals and the cost for proposals that are unique to the BOE submission. Excavate & install turf - $1,200,000 million for each school Remove and replace track $210,000 for each school Remove old fence and install chain link fence around field $77,400 for each school Install sports lighting at PHHS field - $250,000 and at PHS $220,000 Build ( visitor side) retaining wall at PHS -$60,000 Install new running track at each school $248,000 Total expenditure for PHHS- $1,985,400 Total expenditure for PHS -$2,015,400 Grand Total $4.000.800
Scott Dean August 10, 2012 at 12:23 AM
I Happen to know many Bonded Contractors especially locally that are struggling in these economic times.Would it be worth getting estimates that I am sure would be much lower than these figures.So maybe we as a town can give back as easily as we take? Keep the money locally if we can?
Roman Hoshowsky August 14, 2012 at 11:28 AM
The numbers presented by the Board are highly inflated. This is just another scam to pad the budget.


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