Parsippany Schools Get Boost from Local Grant Program

Parsippany Education Foundation awards announced at school board meeting.

Students in the are the beneficiaries of more than $22,000 in grants from the . The latest crop of grants awarded was announced Thursday at the Board of Education meeting and approved by board members.

The total amount of funded grants comes to $22,974.09. Much of the money comes from PEF fundraisers held throughout the year, including a spring wine tasting and a summer golf event. The remaining funds are raised through donations from corporations and area residents.

The most recent PEF grant awards are as follows:

Grant School Amount
 Given  Incorporating iPad use in Speech-
Language Therapy Sessions  $      750.00 Declaration Participation $    2400.00 Microscope Madness $    2288.23 Western Wind Vocal Ensemble mini-
residency and commission $    6000.00 We're "Jersey Proud" Readers! $    1550.00 Book Club $      400.00 Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass District $    3600.00 Read with Me! Shared Reading between at-risk 3rd graders and preschoolers $      390.00 QOMO Qclick $    1205.00 Technology in Hand $    4390.86 TOTAL of GRANTS FUNDED $22974.09

bananaskin December 20, 2011 at 12:31 PM
And most of the grant will go toward administrative cost.


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