Lake Hiawatha Youth Wins Grand Championship Title

She competed against other countries in the Martial Arts World Cup Championship Tournament.

Danicka Torres from Lake Hiawatha (Credit: Vizzio)
Danicka Torres from Lake Hiawatha (Credit: Vizzio)

Recently, several local athletes traveled to the Martial Arts World Cup Championship Tournament in Reston, VA to represent the U.S. and Vizzio’s Institute of Martial Arts in Fairfield. One Lake Hiawatha youth returned with a grand championship title.

On Jan. 17-19, this international Martial Arts Tournament had representation from more than 14 countries, which included Russia, Mexico, Japan, England, Bermuda, Italy, India, The Philippines, Jamaica, Cambodia, and many others. 

Vizzio’s left with 16 students and returned home with more than 51 trophies, 13 of which were first place.  

“We also won two Grand Championships.  John Elliott of Wayne for forms and Danicka Torres of Lake Hiawatha for weapons,” said Peaches Vizzio. “Three children from Vizzio’s made it to the semi-finals and five out of six adults in the semi-finals were students of Vizzio’s.” 

Danicka Torres from Lake Hiawatha competed in World Cup Champion Traditional Forms, World Cup Champion Musical Forms, World Cup Champion Traditional Weapons and Grand Champion Weapons. 

Here’s a look at her teammates and their competition categories (In parenthesis is the athlete’s competition nickname):

  • Jennifer Giuliano (BB) from North Caldwell—World Cup Champion Open Forms, World Cup Musical Forms 
  • Rebecca Flitcroft (Cadillac) from Mendham—World Cup Champion Traditional Forms, World Cup Champion Point Sparring
  • Holla Vizzio from Budd Lake—World Cup Champion Open Weapons
  • John Elliott from Wayne—World Cup Champion Traditional Forms, Grand Champion Forms
  • Kerry Howe from North Caldwell—World Cup Champion Traditional Forms
  • Melissa Kozell from Towaco—World Cup Champion Traditional Forms
  • Mohammad Awad (Mo) from Wayne—World Cup Champion Point Sparring
  • Sean Howe (SP) from North Caldwell— World Cup Champion Point Sparring
  • Tom Ulikowski from Pine Brook—World Cup Champion Traditional Forms, World Cup Champion Muscial Weapons
Other competitors that placed 2nd, 3rd or 4th but did not receive World Championships are:
  • Brendan Giuliano (BG) from North Caldwell
  • Patrick Giuliano (Steps) from North Caldwell
  • Romi Vizzio from Budd Lake, NJ
  • Jon Ulikowski (Captain) from Pine Brook
  • Dante Elliott from Wayne
  • Thomas Mesce from Wayne

“Vizzio’s Institute of Martial Arts is currently in training for the next few Martial Arts tournaments, one which we hope to make is the WAKO US National Team,” said Vizzio. “In doing so, we will again be representing the USA in Remini, Italy.  We will be holding fundraisers to support our teammates in this endeavor.”  

To become a part of their team, call 973-575-KICK(5425) or visit www.VIZZIO.com or www.facebook.com/vizzios.  


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